SJ Shooter Real Estate

Welcome to SJ Shooter Real Estate

Real estate in more dimensions. It’s not a slogan, it’s a promise.

When we started SJ Shooter Real Estate in our spare bedroom in 2015, we believed that the real estate experience deserved to be better. So, we set out to re-imagine the client experience from every angle. There’s more to real estate, than just properties. In the same way, we know there’s many dimensions to your life. We want to be there for each one.

Breadth of Service

To us this means offering you services that span across every area of your life. From your first home or investment, to the way we uniquely market homes, or share market insights with our local community with seminars and videos.

Heights of excellence

Leading means continually investing in cutting-edge technology, and training our award-winning team with best-in-class industry education. We’re committed to advancing systems, with people at the centre.

Depth of relationship

SJ clients share pivotal life moments with us. We’ve celebrated with clients as they relocate to start a new life, grown their family, land a dream job or finally retire. We’ve also walked with clients as they downsize for poor health, grieve loss, and even escape danger.

All of this takes a team, a team that shares our heart. We’re excited to have grown our team so we can serve you in more ways. Welcome to real estate in more dimensions.

Samuel & Laura Shooter