New Year’s resolutions for Real Estate Agents in 2023

New Year’s resolutions for  Real Estate Agents in 2023

1. Write down all the things you want to accomplish in 2023
These are your goals, and you will need to revisit them once a week as a reminder that you need to keep moving. List the big picture objectives, like fitness, net-working, sales, that are achievable deliverables. Then post them everywhere, so you don’t forget your goals.

2. Keep focused on results
Try to change one simple thing this new year, like automating repetitive tasks that consume your precious time and resources. Realbot automates repetitive tasks like promoting your listings, responding to customer contact, etc., that saves you time and resource while you focus on closing deals.

3. Maintain your social Presence
Engage potential clients to increase brand awareness and generate leads. Realbot can assist you achieve this goal through its automated digital marketing.

4. Identify Areas that you improve on
List down areas you can improve on, then list the steps to take to achieve them.

5. Create HD Showcase Videos
Realbot’s Pivo can help set you apart from other agents with Live Floor plans and HD Property Showcase Videos.

6. Form Partnerships in the Community
Partner with local businesses, to create events that help spread your brand awareness build relationships across the community.

7. Improve Your Efficiency and Effectiveness
Subscribe to Realbot cutting-edge AI virtual assistant to help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness through automation with Google Business Messages all from the convenience of your smartphone.

8. Maintain your peace of mind
Remember to take time out to smell the roses and enjoy yourself doing things you like away from the office. Just schedule appointments with yourself.

9. Utilise Pre-listings
Subscribe with Realbot’s virtual assistant to benefit from its Pre-listing services.

10. Refresh your Profile and Image across Social Media
Engage Realbot to update and maintain your on-line image and presence, which is a part of its subscription service.

11. Plan your day’s tasks
At the end of each day, take time out to write down your goals for the next day. This will help relieve stress and put you in control of your time. Realbot’s diary calendar will help you keep track of your daily tasks.

12. Update your Security
Realbot’s Virtual assistant’s security is constantly being updated and maintained to protect your data and information. For other systems, ensure you engage two-factor authentication, strong passwords and the latest software updates.

13. Keep up to date
Take time to stay up to date with the latest trends and property news. This is especially helpful for Property Managers.

14. Build Strong Tenant Relationships
Lower vacancy rates by updating your communication skills and being more approachable and helpful. Also respond to tenant requests in a timely manner.

15. Focus on building a more transparent culture
Take steps to build a more supportive and transparent work culture or you could end up losing even the best property managers.

16. Work smarter
Engage Realbot to do all the heavy lifting, to ensure that you produce the most productive work in the least amount of time and effort.

17. Build an effective Customer Experience
Take the time to understand your customers, and immediately respond to any customer service issues and questions. This helps build customer satisfaction, and can create lasting impressions that help bring in new business.

18. Take time to Learn the Law
Keep up to date with the latest new legislation, best practices and property trends.

19. Embrace Change
It’s inevitable. Failure to change with new technology and practices could mean you’ll fall behind your more tech-savvy and efficient competitors.

20. Maintain relationships
Your tenants and property owners equate to revenue, so a simple phone call or text message every few weeks to check on how things are going can go a long way.

21. Step Outside the box
This can be scary for some, but it helps you grow and builds character. Engage a real estate coach or learn new communication tricks, or Subscribe to Realbot and its AI Virtual agent that works for you 24/7 promoting your properties and capturing leads.

22. Celebrate your Achievements
Don’t forget to celebrate your every achievement. It helps to keep you focused, and on target to completing the things you want to accomplish in 2023.

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