Ideas for Generating Real Estate Leads

Ideas for Generating Real Estate Leads


Many suggest that the best source of free leads involves one of these two options:

  • Cold calling
  • Door knocking

But these are not very realistic in today’s market and may not work as well as they once did. There are other methods available. We suggest you pick a method and follow it through until it makes you a profit. Many jump from one idea to the next without giving it ample time to succeed. The trick is to focus on one method and then build on it during the next step.

Here is a list of some free lead generation ideas. Which ones are you already using, and which one would be the easiest for you to integrate into your leads' generation system:

  • Phone duty - people who call in to the office prefer to talk with an agent. They don't want to talk to a receptionist. So set up a virtual phone duty with your agents.
  • Video content - Create a YouTube channel and playlists that focus on the community, sellers and buyers. Videos remain and create additional views over time.
  • Virtual tours - To counter clients concerned with having people in their homes, while trying to maintain social distancing protocols, why not host a ‘housewarming party’ via Zoom or use some other video conferencing tool.
  • Volunteer, speak at, or attend free community events.
  • Provide branded face masks and hand sanitisers.
  • Referrals - from a friend, neighbour, or relative is the best way to Get Quality Leads, and it’s Free. All you have to do is stay connected with the people you know and ensure you’re top of their mind when they or someone they know decides to buy, sell or rent a property.
  • Reviews - More consumers are checking online reviews before making a purchase, they check out your reviews' page before they even pick up the phone and call. Getting good reviews starts on day one, when you meet your client.
  • Start a Blog - it takes time and dedication. It is not a magic bullet, you must put in the effort. This means you need to have fantastic content, and a strong understanding of search engine optimisation [SEO], as well as solid social media promotion. It’s not easy. It all comes down to your intention and commitment.
  • Website Community Pages - Perfect Source of Free Buyer and Relocating Leads. 
  • For Sale By Owners - A reliable sources of free leads. Remember, there is a good chance these sellers have been burned by an agent before or are trying to reduce costs, and that's why they're attempting to go it alone. Start the conversation by listening and offering value. Ask why they're selling. Take the time to listen, get to know their motivations and build a personal connection. Offer advice and insight on the market before asking if they want any help finding a buyer.


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