Why DreamBig Realty recommends Realbot to Real Estate Agencies

Why DreamBig Realty recommends Realbot to Real Estate Agencies

Amrit Bajaj and his team explaining how Realbot assisted DreamBig to achieve their success. 

"Result focused and very affordable and the service is also very professional and friendly it also saved me a lot of time and
resources. We are getting more qualified leads"

Amrit Bajaj
DreamBig Realty

Few more series of videos on our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/@realbotau  shows Amrit Bajaj and his team explaining how Realbot assisted DreamBig to achieve their success.

About Dreambig Realty

Dreambig Realty is a 100% locally owned boutique Real Estate agency based in Marsden Park serving all the surrounding suburbs in North West & Western region of Sydney. 

Amrit Bajaj is Honourable, trustworthy and exhibiting a relentless determination to explore every possible avenue on his client’s behalf, Amrit Bajaj has developed a reputation for exceptional customer service. Living in western Sydney from last 19 years, Amrit possesses an intimate knowledge of his specialist area.

About Realbot

Realbot is a cutting-edge next generation virtual agent that engages with customers 24/7/365 to build trust, accelerate customer engagement and generate revenue faster.

Our Solution is aimed at offering an innovative solution & enhanced features & functionalities founded upon providing niche Digital Enablement Support to the Real Estate Industry.

Our Solution is designed to leverage advance technologies in opening up new potential in the Real Estate Industry for (a) better consumer experience and (b) increased business efficiency for the Real Estate Agencies supporting the Agents as well as the Property Developers & Project Marketing entities in more efficiently addressing the market.


Dream Big Success Story & Experience Journey

1. How long have you been using Realbot and how did you discover it?
A: I've been using Realbot for 2 years now. I first heard about it from a friend who told me that there was a new virtual assistant that could save me time and money.

2. What problem were you looking to solve when you decided to use Realbot?
A: I was looking for ways to increase our Digital Marketing - SEO| SEM | SMM to enhance our search engine and social media presence

3. How has Realbot helped you solve your problem?
A. We have increased our digital marketing. Our listings are now on the first page of Google search results, and we showcase our properties using 3d & 2d floor plans, virtual staging, with property videos and aerial maps. Our social media is regularly updated with automated posts across Facebook, Instagram and google that have had a positive impact by engaging with our customers and capturing their attention.

a. In Few words, tell me your experience about 2D & 3D Floorplans?
The 2D and 3D floor plans offered by Realbot helps bring our properties to life and allows our buyers to imagine what the home could be like with their furniture and them living in it. It highlights the possibilities.
b. Your experience about Virtual Staging for your recent listing properties?
Virtual staging enhances our properties, makes them stand out. Buyers can project themselves into the property. It's also a very cost-effective way for staging a home and helps attract more potential buyers.

c. Your experience about You Tube Video’s for your recent properties?
The Videos bring our property images to life. I feel they help to generate the increased number of views, you know, that "final straw or push" that gets a buyer to give us a call or email us.

d. Your experience about Social Media Posts for your brand and listings?
This has been fantastic. We have regular post that can only enhance our brand and listings across a wider audience. Even friends are messaging me whenever they see our posts.

4. Have your Google leads improved after engaging with Realbot?
A. Yes, 100%. We are on the first page of Google search results and getting more enquiries from buyers and sellers.

5. Would you recommend Realbot to other agents?
A. Yes! It's Results focused and very affordable. The service is also very professional and friendly. It also saves me valuable time and resources and provides convenience, all from my smartphone.
We are getting more qualified leads. I would definitely recommend it to other agents, to give it a go. At first, I too was sceptical, I had my doubts. But it has been well worth the investment.


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